“Advanced Aesthetics is the perfect name for Charlotte’s business. She provides an absolutely premium service, never taking a “painting by numbers” approach and very much tailoring her facials to exactly what my skin needs. Since seeing Charlotte on a monthly basis and using the gorgeous Circadia products at home, my skin looks and feels so much healthier – free of congestion, hydrated and glowing.”
Helen Campbell - VP Property Contract Wordings
“I worried that facials might be an indulgence, but the results of regular visits with Charlotte are priceless. Charlotte’s deep knowledge level is combined with her passion for being on the leading edge of modern technologies and products.  She is exceptional in her profession and makes the entire experience effortless.  I always leave with a giant smile.”
Ann h
“Charlotte Myers’ expertise and knowledge saved my skin! No matter the skincare concern, Charlotte always knows the remedy. I love how my skin glows even days after an appointment. If you’re seeking a licensed professional that can provide effective treatment protocols and curate custom skin care regimens tailored to your individual needs, look no further.”
Michelle E

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My vision for creating my own business comes to life with Advanced Aesthetics-

-providing skincare solutions for Bermuda’s diverse range of skin tones and skincare needs. At Advanced Aesthetics, I promise to provide a safe space that is warm and inviting to everyone, no matter one’s age, gender, or skin type.

My interest and passion for skin was sparked at a very young age. When I was around eight years old, I accompanied my mom on a visit to her friend’s house. My mom’s friend had started selling a new skincare line and invited my mom to receive a complimentary facial to test out some of the products. I was completely fascinated by the mini facial I witnessed my mom have that day—so much so that afterwards, my mom would give me her almost empty bottles of products to wash & moisturize my own skin.

Naturally, when I turned 18, I enrolled in Esthetics School at the Okanagan School of Esthetics, In Kelowna, BC Canada where I was taught the foundations of skin physiology and how to perform various techniques and treatments by expert instructors who shared my same passion for skin.

Witnessing the way my instructors used their passion to teach esthetics was inspiring. I wanted to be like them, I wanted to teach with that same level of conviction and knowledge. Upon graduating in 1995 I went on to hold a variety of roles that helped me hone my craft but also develop the skillset I needed to reach my goal of becoming an Instructor.

In 2000, I began teaching at the Aveda Institute in Victoria, BC Canada. After three years as an Instructor at the Aveda Institute, I was offered an opportunity to become International Educator for Aveda Australia, where I spent the next four years. Upon my return to Canada, I spent the next 10 years in Spa Director and Sales and Education roles. Eventually, spending so much time out of the treatment room made me crave to be back in a more hands on role. This longing is what eventually brought me to Bermuda 10 years ago.

My time in Bermuda has exposed me to a wide diversity of skin types and conditions associated with living in a sub tropic humid environment. I have extensively researched the best products and services that address the melting pot of Bermudas skin and all of its challenges. I’ve carefully researched Brands that make a difference to skin and make it quickly. Teaching is in my blood, sharing my knowledge to help others is something personally fulfilling and gives me great purpose. Advanced Aesthetics is my way of allowing my clients to feel my passion for skin and skin care, grown over my 30-year career in the spa industry.

My Education:
Licensed Esthetician
Certified Homeopathic Esthetician
Certificate in Dermaplaning
2 Certificates in Microneedling
Certified Esthetic Instructor




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skincare • beauty • aesthetics
beauty • skincare • aesthetics
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